Radio Documentaries

I occasionally contribute to FBi’s “All the Best” program. Some examples of my radio documentary work include:

 “The Early Underground “

While rave parties may not be to everyone’s taste, they have, in recent years, become more and more a part of mainstream culture. So it can be hard to imagine that when rave first came to Sydney in the early 90s, the only parties that were happening were underground and illegal ones.

This story takes a look at the exploding underground rave scene of Sydney at the height of its popularity, and takes a particular interest in how these parties were transforming Sydney’s urban landscape, in all sorts of unlikely locations….

It is told through the first hand experiences and recollections of two people who were at the forefront of the scene – Luke and Seb from the pioneering electronic music duo, Sub Bass Snarl.


“The Peace Bus”

Tells the wonderful story of the Peace Bus –  an old bus with a long history of being involved in protest and dance music events around Australia. It has been off the road and rotting in the wayside for years, but recently, and miraculously, Tony Spanos has put the Peace Bus back on the road.









As an absolute lover of the soul funk groove, it was my pleasure to interview three of Sydney’s finest collectors – DJ Kinetic, Gonzo and Thomas Crown – about their love of music and the kind of searches they have been on to get those hot little numbers in their dusty little palms…