Renewed Efforts

Published: 28 August 2019

Now that I have finally updated this site, adding some new items into the publications page, and redirecting traffic (like I even need a lolly-pop lady for the lonely figure that might come this way!) away from my previous ‘Michele Tells Stories’ site, I have decided to put some renewed effort into this blog.

And by renewed, I mean like, occasional.

Some of my thoughts for now are:

Nailing perspective and point of view is doing my head in.

And that it was really nice of George Saunders to share this little bit of advice in Lit Hub;

“I like David Foster Wallace’s notion that writer’s block is always a function of the writer having set a too-high bar for herself. You know: you type a line, it fails to meet the “masterpiece standard,” you delete it in shame, type another line, delete it—soon the hours have flown by and you are a failure sitting in front of a blank screen.

The antidote, for me, has been getting comfortable with my own revision process—seeing those bad first lines as just a starting place. If you know the path you’ll take from bad to better to good, you don’t get so dismayed by the initial mess.”

Good one Dave and George, I like this, and I am trying to concur.