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The Australian Publishing Industry's Problem With Class

Published: 27 October 2021

There is no blog as such for this update. Instead I invite you to head over to Overland and read an article of mine,  about how I wish for less "bogan's who go to Bali" in Australian literature and stories, and more working class stories from working class people. 

But because this is my blog, which brings me all sorts of freedoms, allow me, while you are here, to treat you my favourite 'darling' that had to be killed. (“Kill Your Darlings” is apparently an old piece of writing advice and it is sometimes given to aspiring writers with the idea being you have to learn how to get rid of your most precious and especially self-indulgent passages for the greater good of your work).

Anyway, in this case, I didn’t kill them, the editor did.

But because they are my darlings, and it’s my blog, I’ll at least share them here.

In the article there are some passages about how I once saw a group of performers dress up as ‘bogans’ (wearing mullet wigs and singlet tops and swigging VB etc) I talk about how I find this all very old and tired and unimaginative, but what I added afterwards was:

“The great irony about the bogan dress up/send-up is that I have seen my extended family, bona-fide bogans, go to fancy dress parties wearing the exact same thing. The whole look and notion is so far off the mark that it is something they can even don on and perform.”

But it didn’t make the cut.

By including it here, however, I hope, at the very least, I can encourage you to please come to my “more bang for your buck” blog again.

And in the meantime, do head to Overland and leave some kindly comments so the editors may think I am more popular than I really am ;)