Wednesday, 28 August 2019 08:40

Renewed Efforts

Now that I have finally updated this site, adding some new items into the publications page, and redirecting traffic (like I even need a lolly-pop lady for the lonely figure that might come this way!) away from my previous ‘Michele Tells Stories’ site, I have decided to put some renewed effort into this blog.

And by renewed, I mean like, occasional.

Some of my thoughts for now are:

Nailing perspective and point of view is doing my head in.

And that it was really nice of George Saunders to share this little bit of advice in Lit Hub;

“I like David Foster Wallace’s notion that writer’s block is always a function of the writer having set a too-high bar for herself. You know: you type a line, it fails to meet the “masterpiece standard,” you delete it in shame, type another line, delete it—soon the hours have flown by and you are a failure sitting in front of a blank screen.

The antidote, for me, has been getting comfortable with my own revision process—seeing those bad first lines as just a starting place. If you know the path you’ll take from bad to better to good, you don’t get so dismayed by the initial mess.”

Good one Dave and George, I like this, and I am trying to concur.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019 08:26

ABC Radio -Bodies in Motion

It has been exciting to be a part of a joint project between the Finishing School Collective and ABC Radio, where many of the fabulous female writers in the group are developing audio pieces that will be produced by an ABC Radio fiction team.

I am working on a fiction piece that centers on one of the characters from my book, Franny.

It explores the nexus of two very different friends that have grown up together in the same street in Wentworthville, one of Sydney’s western suburbs, but because the theme of the project is ‘bodies’ it takes a particular and comical look at some of the experiences Franny’s body has been subject to, from invasive physio work, to a branding of her own choosing.


It will be produced at the end of this year.

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Monday, 13 February 2017 11:44

Studio Stories - Parramatta Artist Studios

I have been invite to read at the next Studio Stories event on Thursday the 23rd of Feb at 6.30pm.

I will be telling the tale of my teenage love for Bon Jovi and my obsessive quest to meet them.

Excitingly, this will happen alongside Luke Carmenwho amazed me for not only crafting an exquisite debut novel, but for capturing achingly familiar places such as Mt Pritchard, and other Western Sydney locations, that I never read enough of in Oz literature. He also wrote an exceptional piece about Liverpool Boys High School that was recorded as part of SBS True Stories Radio Podcast. 

I think I may be star struck when I meet him - but will it compare to my star struck moment with Jon Bon Jovi? You shall have to come and see.

Also reading will be the ever-friendly Joshua Mostafa, creative writer and co-founder of independent music label Inna Riddim Records.


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